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Theory and Practice of Endurance


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October 2019


With Jack Maitland, Kirsten Steffensen, Josh Rowe, Dane Mitchell & Beth Potter

April 2019


With Louise Sutton, Alison Rose, Laura Weightman, Dane Mitchell & Beth Potter

Let’s Talk About RED-S


November 10th 2019.

This Free CarnegieXchange workshop at Leeds Beckett University, allowed delegates to explore, discuss and learn about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport:

otherwise known as RED-S. 


RED-S discussed from different perspectives:

Athlete/Scientist: Gemma Bridge & Meghan Bentley

Coach: Dr Andi Drake & Andy Henderson

Sports Nutritionist: Cara Sloss & Louise Sutton

Physiotherapist: Alison Rose

Recreational Runner: Marianne Burgess


Further resources:

Health4Performance is supported by The British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine. It aims to raise awareness and improve identification and effective management of athletes/dancers at risk of RED-S.